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In March 2019, a survey conducted by The WSJ found that one in four people opted for binge watching TV over physical intimacy within the preceding six months. Of course, the cause of low libido is often multifactorial- so don't cancel your streaming service just yet, ladies. 

In some cases, a low sex drive is due to a a chemical imbalance in the brain, otherwise known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD.  One treatment option to correct this imbalance is a daily medication called Addyi which is indicated for premenopausal women who are troubled by a lack of interest in sex. 

The maker of Addyi, Sprouts Pharmaceuticals, recently updated their warning regarding the concomittant consumption of alcohol while taking this medication.  Patients may consume alcohol while taking Addyi as long as they wait two hours after consuming 1-2 standard alcoholic beverages to take their nighttime dose and are advised to skip their bedtime dose if they have consumed 3 or more alcoholic beverages over the course of the evening.

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