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I recently had surgery and it went perfectly with Dr Clark. Every step of of the way from my first visit, surgical procedure to post-op visit has been excellent. His entire staff is friendly and professional. And my surgery corrected all my issues and as a bonus was pain free. I highly recommend Dr Matthew Clark.


Kathleen G.(Anaheim) 04/2023


The Doctors and staff are extremely professional and friendly. As a patient I was seen on time and all of my issues were addressed. Dr Clark is personable and listens to my concerns. I feel confident that my issues will be resolved. I highly recommend the Clark Center.


Cathy S. (Google) 2/2019 


After a couple of years of putting off a hysterectomy my Dr referred me to Dr Clark  for further testing. The staff was amazing from the receptionist to the office personnel but a special thanks to Lauren PA-C and especially Dr Clark. I had my surgery and it was painless. I had been dreading this procedure for years I never would have expected such a easy time. I'm sure each person has different experiences but for me the worst was the anticipation of the surgery. I felt better leaving the hospital than I did walking in. I took no pain meds not even an aspirin no need. Really!! only slight tenderness around the incision areas. I wish I would have had the courage to have my surgery several years prior. I suffered with a prolapsed uterus needlessly for years. Thank you Dr Clark and the entire staff at the Clark Center. I feel great I'm very grateful !!!

Christina W. (YELP) 2017


I highly recommend Dr Clark for bladder sling procedure. I can be active again without worrying about leakage issues. I have got my old life back and couldn’t be happier. The surgery was quick and easy recovery. I wish I had done it sooner.

NA (Vitals) 12/2018


I had some complications w my bladder following a catheter irritation after a long nose surgery. Dr Clark’s office squeezed me in right before Christmas. Most importantly, he made me feel comfortable by taking my sensitive issues seriously. He is an excellent listener. He was able to resolve my issues with specific instructions and some over the counter remedies. He has many qualified staff, his procedures were all very professional. Having problems below the belt is frustrating, getting older doesn’t mean a life sentence of discomfort. Dr Clark can help.

Diane V. (Google) 1/2019


I am 62 years of age and 6 months ago I had a robotic vaginal hysterectomy with sacrocolpopexy. Dr. Clark is not only empathetic and caring but a surgical wizard! My surgery went very well as did my recovery. I have zero prolapse and had no complications what so ever. Everything is functioning top notch. I highly recommend him. I am so happy with my outcome!

Wendy C. (Google) 12/2018


I need to start by staying that this review is based on **DR CLARK**

I needed a Hysterectomy, & I was very afraid. I went to THREE other Doctors prior to making my final decision to have my procedures done with Dr Clark.

I asked him many questions. I liked the way he took his time to answer them. I asked why he wanted to go with the 4th option on me, because none of the other Doctors offered it. I liked his explanation & felt very confident & relieved when I heard exactly what he wanted to do. 

Flashback to now, my surgery went very smoothly. He did exactly what he said he was going to do- and a little more. I was very afraid but he educated me in depth, so I had a good idea of what to expect. 

I just went to my 6 week post-op, and I feel as if I have a new engine in my car. Due to the Endometriosis he discovered- and removed during surgery, along with the bio-identical hormones he chose for me: I feel like MYSELF again. 

I can't thank this Man/Doctor enough.

Ginger E. (YELP) 2017


Professional, gentle, patient, attention to detail, amazing staff. I am extremely satisfied with the results from surgery. I highly recommend Doctor Clark!

NA (Vitals) 2016


I am employed with Military Sealift Command which means we sail, live, and work on U.S. Navy ships alongside our great navy. I'm stateside 2 months a year if I'm lucky. It's difficult to schedule needed surgeries. I received excellent care and understanding for my situation from Dr. Clark and his entire staff. I know my schedule inconveniences businesses but they went above and beyond to help me. I wasn't even stressed like I usually am and was able to recover completely. I can return to my ship with a better quality of life, but I'm going to catch some waves in OC before I go!  Thanks to The Clark Center, I can do this now!

Katrina G. (YELP) 2016


After giving birth to six, large babies, it is not an exaggeration to say that my body has taken some very severe hits. Incontinence, stretched body parts, inability to void completely, discomfort throughout the day and night, and general self consciousness for my appearance, all comprised the collateral damage left by pregnancy and the births of my children. I thought that I just had to accept my stripes and deal with this new normal—hoping for the best when I coughed, sneezed or laughed, saying no to running or jump ropes during work outs, and explaining why I looked the way I did. After some gentle persuasion from my beloved OB, I saw Dr. Matthew Clark and it has changed my life. Though not a comfortable topic to discuss, I never felt humiliated or embarrassed by him or his incredible office staff. Lauren was particularly wonderful at putting me at ease during every visit and sensitive pre op test. Dr. Clark was professional, gave suggestions for what could be done (more than I had ever dreamed possible), opened my mind to the possibility of how my body could function, and worked with my busy schedule to find the optimum time to have this major surgery. I can’t give him higher praise! Seven months out and I remain happy! After examining me on my yearly exam, my OB stated that I looked like I hadn't delivered any babies. As a 44 year old woman, I feel rejuvenated and back to my younger self; I feel like I'm 22 again! While surgery on my bladder and all attendant lady bits is not on the top of my list of amusing activities, and I was terrified to have this surgery, Dr. Clark made it as comfortable as possible; his expertise and surgical skill are incredible. He was always available and on call to help me. I cannot recommend him more highly! Thank you, Dr. Clark!

Tamara W. (Google) 6/2018


 I found that Dr Clark is an expert pelvic floor surgeon who treats patients with the utmost respect and care. I was referred to him because he is admired by his peers. He was my top choice as a surgeon because he does this type of surgery exclusively. I felt confident before, during, and after my surgery. He recommended and then had the expertise to perform the best procedures for my situation. I had minimally invasive reconstructive surgery using the DaVinci robot. I feel so much better than I did beforehand. I highly recommend Dr. Clark. As an out of state patient I found Dr Clark and his office staff to be flexible and accommodating. They made it easy for me to fly in to Orange County Airport, have the surgery, and fly out as soon as it was possible.

NA (Vitals) 2014


I am beyond grateful for Dr. Clark's expertise with regards to women's health. Many of the issues he, Lauren and the rest of his staff deal with are ones that women are too embarrassed to discuss or don't even realize exist. Dr. Clark and Lauren have literally given me a new lease on life. Dr. Clark diagnosed an issue(s)with my pelvic floor that I had never heard of before, and I am a RN! He came up with a treatment plan that I continue to follow, and the procedures I have undergone have been successful. Thank you, Dr. Clark!  This team of professionals are the most caring people who take the time to explain issues that can seem somewhat daunting. I have never felt embarrassed to ask questions and have always been treated with dignity and respect. I never leave the office feeling hopeless, either. I feel like they continually work with me to find the best possible solution with the most positive outcome. I cannot recommend this group of professionals highly enough.

Jill R. (YELP) 2017


Dr. Clark and his staff are amazing in helping out at difficult times and during appointments. He is compassionate in treating IC flare-ups and other conditions.

Memee L. (Google) 5/2018


I am recommending him to all my friends with stress incontinence issues. His staff is awesome, and he is an amazing surgeon. I had no pain or down time after my procedure. And the true test that the procedure worked, I sneezed 17 times in a row with no leakage! So happy I was referred to him!

NA (Vitals) 2013


I am very grateful to have found The Clark Center. Dr. Clark, whom I met on my first visit, took my condition and my concerns very seriously. A long term treatment plan was established and started under the care of Salbi Salibian, PA. Words cannot express my gratitude for the care I received. Salpi is not only meticulous and extremely competent with procedures, she is also compassionate. I have never left the office without being told by Salbi to call with any questions. When I called, and there were many times I did, my calls were always retuned the same day. Support staff is kind and considerate. It seems as though the people in this office truly recognize how difficult life can be for people with uro/gyn issues and they try to make a visit as comfortable as possible. A year ago, I was unable to fly to be with my family for Christmas due to poor health. This year I made the trip without any difficulty and was able to relax and enjoy myself for the first time in years. I recommend The Clark Center for any woman struggling with uro/gyn issues. I have been to many doctors over a 12 year period and The Clark Center offers the best care that I have experienced by far.

Pam P. (YELP) 2014


Dr. Matthew Clark performed a needed surgery six months ago. Unlike other doctors I saw he did not push an expensive laser treatment not covered by insurance. Instead, he gave me all options, explained everything in amazing detail and let me choose. Surgery went very well, and I am very pleased with the results. He and his staff are kind, very bright, and really know what they are doing.

Enia C. (Google) 2018


What a great experience.  Dr Clark and his entire staff have been amazing.  Had my surgery 6 months ago and would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering improving their current situation.  Now I can run, cough and sneeze without worrying at all.  I wish I have known to talk with someone years ago.

Barbara S. (YELP) 2014


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