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Vitamins And Supplements

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Interstitial cystitis, chronic UTIs, and constipation can cause a considerable amount of discomfort. Certain kinds of vitamins, supplements, and health aids can help ease these symptoms and prevent flare-ups from occurring. Patients with IC as well as other bladder and bowel problems can discuss vitamin and supplement options and find specialty products and hard-to-find supplements from Dr. Matthew Clark at The Clark Center For Urogynecology in Newport Beach and Irvine, CA.

Vitamins and Supplements Q & A

What is interstitial cystitis?

Interstitial cystitis is a condition that causes an increase in pressure in the bladder, as well as pain in the pelvis, a frequent urge to urinate, and discomfort during intercourse. Treatments for this chronic condition include oral medications, nerve stimulation, surgery, and physical therapy.  Patients with IC often avoid Vitamin C as it tends to flare symptoms. More sensitive patients avoid multivitamins as it is difficult to find one without vitamin C. Those patients who have their IC more under control can tolerate some specially buffered Vitamin C and benefit from the IC Multi. Those who are looking for other ways to manage the symptoms of IC can take vitamins and supplements that help reduce symptoms and flare-ups.

What IC Multi products are available from Dr. Clark?

Dr. Clark has recognized the importance of providing specialty products to his patients with IC and other bladder and bowel products. He has developed a number of products and offers hard-to-find specialty items. IC Multi Basic and IC Multi with B are available for patients with IC or other pelvic symptoms. These products are safe to take for those with IC who cannot take foods with certain nutrients, such as vitamin C. The basic multivitamin contains vitamins A, E, K, and D, along with calcium, manganese, selenium, zinc, and several other nutrients to help ensure that patients receive adequate amounts of these. Since patients with IC usually have to restrict their diet in certain ways, they’re at risk of being low in these nutrients. IC Multi B contains the same nutrients as the basic multivitamin, but it also provides vitamins B2, B6, and B12.

How can Desert Harvest products relieve IC?

Desert Harvest products are designed to help ease symptoms in those with IC. Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gel offers soothing relief for skin irritation that is related to IC. Desert Harvest Buffered Vitamin C provides a source of this nutrient that is safe to take for those with IC who need to follow a restricted diet. It doesn’t have negative effects on the urinary tract or digestive system. Desert Harvest Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera capsules contain aloe vera powder, calcium carbonate, and silicon dioxide, which help relieve symptoms of IC. This product is safe to take for those who need a dietary supplement to control flare-ups of IC symptoms.

What other products are available for those with IC?

Prelief 300 Tablets make foods and beverages easier to eat for those with IC by getting rid of acid irritants in them. This allows patients with IC to consume foods and beverages that they would normally have to avoid. Cysta-Q promotes healthy bladder function and urinary function in patients with IC, which helps ease symptoms. The main ingredient is quercetin, which helps ease discomfort in the bladder. Cysto Protek is an anti-inflammatory product that can help manage symptoms of IC, and Cysto Renew helps support healthy bladder function and urinary tract function in patients with IC.

Dr. Clark has seen that supplements and vitamins can help provide his patients with the highest possible quality of life.